CancelLation/Refund Policy is a service business providing non-tangible products. Because of that, we don't offer refunds once the audio file has been completed at any time.

Please note -- regardless of whether or not services have been completed, we do not offer full refunds past 30 days.

The Only Circumstance in Which A Full Refund Is Offered:

  • Cancellation within 30 days with no work completed. This means you've ordered and paid, but you did not have the 30 minute consultation, we haven't written any scripts or found any music for you, and no advising has been done for your podcast.

After 30 days but no longer than 60 days, if no work has been completed (including no consultation, script writing, music selection, or advising), we do offer a pro-rated refund of 40%. This is to account for our expenses incurred regardless of whether work is completed.

After 60 days, there will be no refunds, regardless of whether or not work has been completed. 

Within 30 days, if the script has been written, music has been found, and the consultation call with your project manager has been completed, but no recording has been done, and you decide to cancel your order -- you may request a refund of $100.

After 30 days, if any work has been completed (script writing, music selection, consultation call, etc), no refund will be offered.

Revision Policy:

Our processes are in place to ensure that you always end up with an end product that you absolutely love. That's why we don't get to work recording until we're absolutely certain you love your scripts and music selection. We do not offer refunds once the recording has been completed.

However, if you're unhappy with your recording, we'll do our best to accommodate you and adjust recording based on specific requests. Typically we can offer one revision (due to tonal changes for the voice actor, music volume, etc) free of charge. Script changes will incur a charge of $50 if you're writing it and just need us to re-record with the new script. Script changes that will require us to make script revisions and re-record will incur a charge of $100. 

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