Podcast Intros

Why should I hire someone to create my podcast intro?

I get asked that question a lot. Are there other options out there? Of course! You could go out and source the music yourself. You could write a script that you *think* might get people to take action. You could even record it yourself with the same equipment you use for your podcast.

Here's the problem:

Podcast intros aren't just some "necessary evil". They're a tool. And if you use your podcast intro the right way, you can gain some massive traction and separate yourself from the thousands and thousands of new podcasts that are coming on the scene every day!

Hiring us means you're getting years of experience crafting purposeful, meaningful podcast intros that get your audience to listen on to your show, opt-in to your list, buy your products, or do whatever else it is you want them to do. It means you get to avoid the steep learning curve I've had to go through to ensure that the sound is perfect and ready to make your show shine. 

And most importantly, it means that you can focus on making sure your show is every bit as awesome as you know it can be.