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  • Entrepreneur On Fire
  • The James Altucher Show
  • The Art Of Paid Traffic
  • The JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show
  • The Tom Woods Show
  • The Foundr Magazine Podcast
  • Bacon Wrapped Business
  • Leaving Corporate
  • The SuccessFool Podcast
  • Life On Fire
  • Leaders In The Trenches
  • Mastering Law with Senator Thomas Goolsby
  • Teenage Entrepreneur
  • Vegetarian Zen
  • Inspiration With Val
  • The Boomer Business Owner
  • Love Your Leap
  • The Allegrativity Powercast
  • Lead Like A Marine
  • The Social Media Minute
  • We Catch Thieves
  • and over 900 others!
I remember the first time I heard one of Tim’s intro/outros on Entrepenuer On Fire. I remember thinking, ‘Wow this is what a really great intro sounds like’. Naturally, when I considered starting my own podcast, the first person I looked up was Tim Paige. It didn’t take much for me to pull the trigger on hiring him and I’m so glad I did. After a short call, Tim had the image of the Designer Hacks brand pegged. He was incredibly prompt, responsive, and willing to make the few changes I suggested. Even though I haven’t launched my podcast yet, the audio Tim provided has served as a compelling addition to outros in my Youtube videos. Tim’s a great guy, super professional, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for intros and outros besides him.
— Tony Gushanas, Designer Hacks Podcast
WOW! Fantastic. I have had radio and TV shows for over 20 years and had all sorts of intros for political and legal shows. Yours is the best!!! Thank you for the quick turn around and super intro.
— Senator Thomas Goolsby - Mastering Law
Tim was VERY easy to work with. He was very responsive and open to suggestions. We receive frequent comments from our listeners saying how professional our intro sounds. All of this was completed in a very timely manner, allowing us to use our intro right away!
— Vickie Velasquez - Vegetarian Zen
Tim Paige is an audio podcast Jedi! Tim produced a top-notch intro and outro for my podcast in less than 24 hrs! His passion for my project was sincere, energetic, and professional from start to finish! The final product exceeded my expectations! Fantastic job rock!
— Todd Fernandez - We Catch Thieves Podcast
I am beginning my journey into Podcasting and like most, I felt lost on WHERE and HOW to start. Tim’s guidance was exactly what I was looking for. Within only a couple of days (not even a week), I had my own professionally sounding intro and outro. Thanks Tim for working with me and I look forward to working with you more in the future.
— BJ Aguado - Shutter Sidekick Podcast
Tim’s podcast introductions are cool, sexy sounding, and deep. They get my listeners hooked each episode. Tim is sharp, clean, and smart.
— Andy Ritchie - The Entrepreneur School