It's easy to waste your time, energy, and money on a podcast


Are you spending countless hours on a podcast that, even though you've got some listeners, isn't doing a darn thing for your business?


Are you nervous that the podcast you want to launch is going to end up being one massive time suck, without any tangible results to point to?

You're not alone

The vast majority of podcasts don't ever generate a single dollar of revenue for their hosts. Is it because podcasting, as a medium, doesn't work? Should you just give up and go back to the drawing board?


It's because a podcast is a marketing channel that can have a massive impact on your business if you know how to use it the right way.


i can help you make it happen

I've been a part of helping over 600 podcasters create real results for their businesses, and currently host a podcast that's responsible for tens of thousands of leads and 7 figures in revenue. Growing a huge email list, filling webinars, selling tons of product -- all of these things are possible with the right plan. Let me help you put that plan in place.